Vision for a European Permaculture Network

For almost 20 years the European Permaculture Council made a great number of European Permaculture Convergences (EuPC) happen and maintained a website. At the EuPC in Bulgaria (2014), a group of about 15 people from all over Europe were inspired to take the next step… and decided to create an inclusive European Permaculture Network (EuPN) with the blessing of the gathered EuPC.

EuPN aims to be a network of national / regional organisations and groups represented by delegates. These delegates cooperate to join forces to bring about change across Europe. For this, they can create proposals to be discussed and ratified on national and regional levels. The EuPN will then collect and publish who ratified which proposal on its website.

Now we have developed a draft of a Vision, Mission and Aims statement and a proposal for Principles and Structure of the EuPN to help define the road.


We are currently collecting feedback from permaculture organisations and networks across Europe and will discuss the draft version of the “Vision, Mission and Aims” as well as the proposed “Principles and Structure of the EuPN” at the International Permaculture Convergence in London, September 2015. There, we will create a strategy how to move the EuPN forward until the EuPC13 in Italy, 2016.


We will keep you updated about the process here on this website. You can also subscribe to the RSS-feed to get informed about new articles.

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