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We envision a diverse and vibrant Europe grounded in the ethics of permaculture.

Vision, Mission and Aims - Draft

During the EuPC12 in Bulgaria 2014, the following Vision and Mission have been phrased.

The aims have been developed during the last months, based on the outcomes of a series of workshops which have been held during the same EuPC.

The whole set has been consented upon by the vision-group of the council as “good enough for now and safe to try”.



We envision a diverse and vibrant Europe grounded in the ethics of permaculture.


We actively support the transition to an ethical and resilient Europe through nurturing an effective permaculture network with strong connections to the wider society and the world.


I. Networking & Capacity Building

EuPN reinforces and supports the establishment of, and collaboration between, European permaculture organisations and builds bridges with like-minded organisations and networks all across Europe and beyond.

II. Communication & Image

EuPN sets up structures and support both for internal and external communication. It develops, implements and promotes a communication and image strategy.

III. Linking Research & Practice

EuPN nurtures links between permaculture practitioners and researchers. It fosters research skills within the permaculture network and ensures that research findings strengthen permaculture education and practice and influence policy.

IV. Application & Outreach

EuPN empowers citizens to design sustainable lifestyles based on the permaculture ethics and principles as the basic foundation for peaceful and inclusive societies. For this, it promotes permaculture tools and solutions in order to tackle conflicts & natural / human-made disasters and to provide sustainable relief response and independence of “help”.

V. Connections to Policy levels

EuPN contributes its local, national and macro regional expertise to European policy levels. It supports decision makers and stakeholders to move European society forward on a resilient path.

VI. Scaling up

The EuPN develops strategies for resource mobilisation to scale up permaculture projects.