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    2 years of EuPN Vision and Strategy Group – thanks!

    October 10th, 2016

    The recent EUPC13 in Bolsena, Italy, hosted the launch of the European Permaculture Network (EuPN). Formed by representatives of 23 permaculture organisation from 18 countries, EuPN was kicked-off in a series of face-to-face events between 7 and 11 September 2016. As a result, the EuPN Vision and Strategy Group could finally be merged in the new structures of the EuPN.

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    update on the IPC 12 :: London

    July 4th, 2015

    By Ryan Sandford-Blackburn, Strategic Communications Coordinator, Permaculture Association Britain

    So far we have 82 people coming from across Europe (Germany, Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Hungary and Portugal)!

    We have the Conference programme online and are really pleased and excited!
    There will be over 130 presenters from around the world, in 28 sessions; the session range is intended to bring out the full range of permaculture applications. Read the rest of this entry “

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    EuPC13 :: Italy 2016

    July 4th, 2015

    Save the date: 7th to 11th September 2016


    Location: Bolsena (VT, Italy), Bolsena lake.

    Organiser: Accademia italiana di permacultura organizes and designs all this.

    Side events: Probably we consider the possibility to do also a PDC course before the EUPC and in parallel or just after a TEACHERS Training Course. Read the rest of this entry “

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    Principles and Structure – Draft

    July 3rd, 2015

    The proposed Principles and Structures of the EuPN contain details of the following aspects:

    Three principles:

    1. Self-government / sovereignty
    2. Free agreements
    3. Transparency

    Structure, Governance and Decision-making

    • Purpose, Organisational design principle and Structure (Working groups, Country representatives)
    • Governance
    • Decision-making (within working groups, at the European Permaculture Convergence)

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    Invitation to the IPC12 in London

    July 2nd, 2015

    International Permaculture Convergence, London 2015

    IPCUK will bring together leading experts and practitioners from around the world.

    We have everything we need to create a sustainable world and future. Together we will create a vision of a near future society that is caring, sustainable and fair, and explore how we can collectively design strategies and pathways to make it happen.

    Conference, 8-9 September 2015, The Light, Euston Road, London.
    Designing the World We Want – two days packed with presentations, workshops, academic papers, exhibitions, music, and art.

    Convergence, 10-16 September 2015, Gilwell Park, Essex.
    Designing the network we want – for people from around the world using permaculture in their everyday lives and communities.

    Edge events, throughout the UK and Europe.
    From tours and courses, to talks and more.

    Book now for early bird tickets.

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